Eco-Conscious Consumables

Young Contracting has researched supplies and suppliers finding the most eco-conscious consumables to use on site. 

We use a welding gas that contains 75% less CO2 than other companies.

Young Contracting offers a faster, more efficient welding process than other companies, getting the project finished faster while limiting environmental impact. 

Eco-Friendly Equipment

Young Contracting has built specialty equipment to help with access issues and environmentally sensitive sites, resulting in the lowest impact possible.

Young Contracting has added equipment to our welding trucks and welding machines, to cut down on warm-up/ idle time. We also have installed auto shut-offs in the event that we are working near a substance that can cause a diesel engine to rev higher than expected, the equipment will shut off at a certain RPM to prevent any damage to equipment or site.

Renewable Resource Projects

Young Contracting has assisted on many solar farm projects, including being contracted to complete the welding on Capitol Powers Strathmore Solar farm. The Strathmore Solar farm spans approximately 320 acres, on 15,527 piles. (Young Contracting – Capitol Power write up)

Young Contracting has also done welding for the installation of several wind turbines throughout Canada.