Young Contracting is dual CWB certified!

Have you ever wondered in the company you are working with is actually CWB certified?

You can look up ALBERTA issued apprenticeship, Journeyman and Red Seal Endorsement certificates on the Alberta Trade Secrets website. An Alberta Welding Red Seal number will start with “J-22”. (J-Alberta 22-Welding)

This website can tell you:

  • if the individual holds a journeyperson certificate and/or a Red Seal Endorsement issued in Alberta
  • the trade that the person is certified to work in
  • if the individual is a registered apprentice
  • the trade and current period of training

CSA W186 is used when you are welding rebar to rebar connections, generally embedded in cement for structural load.

CSA W47.1 (W59) is used for structural welding of piling caps, beams, bracing in field and in shop. Repair work on equipment in shop and field. Pipe splice welds done in the field. 

What is the difference between Division I, II, and III CWB certified companies?

Division I (1), the company must employ on a full-time basis a registered professional engineer(s) responsible for welding related activities specified by the company.

Division II (2), the company must retain on a part-time basis a registered professional engineer(s) responsible for welding related activities specified by the company. (Young Contracting holds this division)

Division III (3) The company is not required to have a registered professional engineer, either employed or retained. This means that a company does not have their own weld procedures, however they are certified to follow another companies CWB weld procedures. 

In order to have a weld considered CWB certified, the company must at a minimum, be a CWB Division 3 certified company, additionally with CWB certified welders.

CWB welders are tested at a CWB certified facility for the process and positions required to complete their tasks. Our welders are Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW) CSA47.1/W59 certified for all positions. Young Contracting Welders are also Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW) CSA W186M certified. 

To obtain and maintain a CWB welder certification, welders are retested every 2 years, and MUST be employed by a CWB certified welding company for their certification to be valid. A welding certification will either have an employed company name or the words “transferable welder” on the top of the card. Any certification that does not state “transferable” on the top, means that CWB certification is only Valid if they are currently employed by the company that is stated at the top of the card.

Young Contracting also has CSA W178.2 Level I certified weld inspectors. Inspector cards follow the same validity rules as the Welder cards and must be employed by a CWB certified company to be valid. Inspector cards also state the recertification dates on them and must have a “visual acuity” exam done in order to obtain their inspector certification. Level I inspectors are able to do visual inspections, there are additional endorsements that inspectors can obtain that qualify them various other Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods.